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Formula: C18H21NO4
Trade Names:  Oxycontin 
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What is the usage of oxycontin 5mg? 

Oxycontin OC 5mg is a prolonged-release tablet. It functions to cure the ongoing severe pain, such as due to cancer in the adult body. This medication is also known as oxycodone. 5mg and other strengths may become habit-forming if you are not using it as directed. To know more go through these points- 

Drug classification- 

  • 5mg oxycontin belongs to the drug class known as opioid narcotics. 
  • It functions by diverting the receptors to block the sensation between the body and brain. 
  • Oxycodone is permissible for short treatment without any manipulation. 

Control status- 

  • 5mg is a group member of schedule 2 controlled substances. 
  • This medication has a high potential for abuse as compared to schedule 3 and 4. 
  • Oxycontin OC 5mg may cause drug dependency if you are using it more than the prescribed period. 


  • 5mg has an oval shape, sky blue color, and imprint of OC. 
  • FDA approved the usage of oxycontin in 1998 under some directions. 
  • Must take counseling with healthcare before using 5mg and its other strengths. 


  • Don’t use higher strengths of this medication if you are not engaged with the opioids.
  • High doses may cause death and other fatal health issues. 
  • You have to take the consultation with your healthcare to know about your adequate amount. Above all, run the treatment as directed.

How long does Oxycontin OC 5mg last in the system? 

The half-life of this opioid is around 4.5 hours. The Full dose of the 5mg oxycontin will be out from the body within three days. It may last longer in the system if you are lying under the surplus amount. There are several body’s elements which may influence the mechanism rate- 

  • Age
  • Body mass
  • Sex
  • Metabolic rate
  • Intake dose
  • Health and medical attributes

It may erase the different organs with different time ranges. The eviction process may vary from person to person due to health attributes.  This medication can be detected in the body’s several organs after last consumption- 

  • It can stay in the blood for up to 24 hours after the previous use. 
  • Oxy may remain in the hair for up to 90 days after the last intake dose. 
  • 5mg is detectable in the urine for up to 4 days after the previous utilization. 
  • This medication will be out from the saliva within four days after the usage. 


                 The 85% amount of this medication goes out of the body through urine. The remaining dose may erase from the saliva, hair, and sweat with different periods. Due to interaction, this medication is not permissible with other drugs and intoxicants.  Click Here To Continue Read Oxycontin OC 10mg


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